Is your team ready for Cruyff Teamwear?

Johan was ready as early as 1974. “I’am not a commercial billboard of Adidas”, Cruyff asserted prior to the World Cup that year. He refused to wear the famous three striped-shirt and designed his own for the Netherlands’ national team. The orange and white two striped remains an icon in sports fashion today.

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Back to our roots, where it all began.

This success inspired Cruyff to continue designing. In 1979, Johan launched his own sports brand. Understanding that a sportsfield differed vastly from a cat- walk, Cruyff started to search for the best designers the world had to offer: Drive German, Drink Scotch, Kiss French and Wear Italian.

In 1982, Cruyff embarked upon a collaboration with Emidio Lazzarini. A renowned Italian designer who first introduced functionality and elegance to the world of sportswear. Since his first foray into design wear, Cruyff has become an extremely successful sports and lifestyle brand. If your team has an eye for our new sophisticated Teamwear collection, they will be dressed to impress.

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