About Johan Cruyff

About Cruyff

Control your destiny

There has only ever been one Johan Cruyff —excelling at everything, as a boy, as a player and as a coach. No matter what, no matter where: whatever Cruyff he did, he always became the point of focus. All eyes were on him.

About Johan Cruyff


As a player from the early days of professional football, Cruyff simply could not get used to certain things. Being told what to do or wear was one of them. This daily discomfort inspired him to start his own sophisticated sports brand in Barcelona, 1979. He wanted to eliminate frumpy sportswear for good.

In 1982 Cruyff started collaborating with Emidio Lazzarini, the Italian designer who first introduced functionality and elegance to the world of sportswear.

During the eighties Cruyff was a well-liked brand on the sports-fields, and halfway through the decade we conquered a large share of the Dutch sports market. The brand started to diversify and branched out with tennis, hockey and even casual wear. Cruyff was winning territory and underlined this by endorsing the Dutch Olympic team in the Summer Games in Seoul in 1988.

As for football, stars like Marco van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp, Gerald Vanenburg, Stefan Petterson, Aaron Winter and John(ny) Bosman played their best matches on C-flashed kicks, signed by the maestro himself.

About Johan Cruyff

Ambition never ends

Johan Cruyff won practically all of football's big prizes. As the greatest player of his time, he was cheered, admired, praised and adored. Yet, in spite of all the cups and medals, his ambition never faded. A true love of the game keeps the fire burning. Always. Forever.

About Johan Cruyff

The strength within

Some people have 'the look', a blend of focus and absolute determination. It's the look that says— "I know what I want, where I'm going and I know how to get there." As a boy, Johan Cruyff knew what he wanted: to be the best footballer in the world. The rest, you know...

About Johan Cruyff


The essence of the brand is taken from Johan’s personal philosophy: ‘Life is all about working on becoming the best possible version of yourself.’

Cruyff is about discovering what you are good at in life and having the focus and determination to get there.

Our products are fashionable, elegant and always independent. They express confidence, personal strength, and style.

About Johan Cruyff


Johan Cruyff was football’s original dandy. He understood the power of appearance and style better than anyone.

On the field, Johan’s presence, poise and focus intimidated and dazzled his opposition. Away from the game, sharp and stylish dressing was part of the Cruyff trademark.

Johan’s style of dress and choice of accessories –his car, shoes, watch and even the furniture in his house– expressed a certain personal strength and confidence. Looking good and feeling dandy was not just a way of life.

Looking good gave you an automatic 1-0 advantage, no matter what you were doing or where you were doing it.

About Johan Cruyff

The light

People near to Johan Cruyff talk about a special light: a glow from his heart. A magic that not only appears on the field, but something that 'touches' everyone he meets. It's a gift that makes others feel more confident, powerful and alive.

About Johan Cruyff

One step ahead

Cruyff played with both heart and brain. The heart allowed intuition into his game; he knew what to do without thinking. His footballing brain developed a higher perspective and enabled him to see the game from 'above'. He saw patterns and sequences of events before anyone else. His moves were always one step ahead.

About Johan Cruyff

More than football

For Cruyff, football was a means to a greater end. On the pitch, he used it to share excellence and brilliance with the rest of the world. In daily life it gave him a life of comfort, style and access to beautiful things. A life most of us can only dream of.

Johan’s style of play took the world by storm, and so did his combination of football, fashion and elegance. It was something new and completely different. It was Fútbol Luxe and will forever be linked with Cruyff.

Today, the combination of function, style and confidence that is Fútbol Luxe is embedded in the soul of the Cruyff brand. Functional design, comfort, handmade craftsmanship, high quality, technically advanced materials and, of course, elegance and style are deep-rooted in all of our products.

About Johan Cruyff

Our products

Cruyff is a lifestyle brand and the originator of Football Luxury. Cruyff creates high quality, fashionable shoes and clothing with a luxurious look that makes you feel like you’re always ahead in the game.

We are an international and iconic brand. We plan to conquer the world with a touch of Cruyff. We do this by developing products through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde materials and techniques.

About Johan Cruyff

Radiant energy

Inner strength will always radiate outwards —a glow, an aura; it's something special. Statistics clearly show the Dutch national team's productivity increased 28% whenever Johan Cruyff played. The mere presence of this one man elevated the performance of an entire team.

About Johan Cruyff

Create the right circumstances

When your eyes are set on a particular goal, you need to create an environment of excellence in order to get there. Johan Cruyff understood that the team needed to be at its best if he wished to excel. So he focused his energy on making others better and on improving the team better in order to be his very best.